Our Work

Formed by NGOs for NGOs, WANGO provides the mechanism and support needed for NGOs to better connect, partner, and multiply their contributions to solve humanity's basic problems. As an infrastructure organization, it also works to strengthen and improve the non-governmental sector and to increase public understanding of the non-governmental community. For local NGOs, it further plays a key role in giving them greater voice beyond national borders.

It advances these objectives through offering resources and tools, encouraging ethics and accountability in the sector, acting as an advocate of its members at the international level on issues of mutual concern, providing information on the NGO community worldwide, and supporting NGO excellence and innovation.

Empowering the NGO Sector

WANGO offers resources, tools, and events that empower NGOs to better accomplish their missions.

Ethics and Accountability

As advocates and agents of a more just and caring society, NGOs have a duty to maintain the highest ethical standards and stay the course in their founding vision of service. A signature initiative of WANGO, the Code of Ethics and Conduct for NGOs helps guide NGOs worldwide to ethically and transparently govern their operations.


WANGO engages in major world conferences as well as partners with UN member states, intergovernmental and governmental organizations, and NGOs to organize events and initiatives on issues of mutual concern, from sustainable development to peacebuilding. It also works to increase public understanding of the non-governmental community by providing information on the importance of NGOs and the challenges confronted by the sector.

NGO Excellence and Innovation

The WANGO Awards program honors NGOs from throughout the world that demonstrate extraordinary effort, innovation, leadership, and excellence in providing service to humanity, as well as outstanding individuals whose work involves them with the non-governmental community.

Conferences and Events

Since its founding, WANGO has conducted and co-sponsored conferences, symposia, and seminars in more than 133 countries, as well as 12 major international conferences.

Humanitarian Response

In countries recovering from natural disasters, WANGO has organized humanitarian response projects to meet critical food and housing needs.

Sports for Peace

The Play Soccer Make Peace! program was established to spread a culture of peace through football in emerging and developing countries. Tournaments have been held in over 30 countries and territories, including Indonesia, Jordan, Nigeria, Peru, and Ukraine.

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