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How to Join WANGO

Join as Affiliate Organization onlineAffiliate organization membership is available to organizations other than non-governmental organizations, such as intergovernmental bodies, government agencies and businesses, which are engaged in functions consistent with the purposes of the Association.

An organization is required to be incorporated or registered for a minimum of two years prior to applying for WANGO affiliate membership.

The following procedure applies for intergovernmental bodies, government agencies, corporations, businesses and public universities. (NGOs, nonprofit, civil society and charity organizations shall apply for NGO, nonprofit membership.)

WANGO is not accepting new membership applications until Fall 2024.

To join WANGO:

  1. Proceed to online payment (credit card required).
    You will receive an order number, which is needed to complete the online application, step #2. This number can be found on the order confirmation page and in the order confirmation email.
  2. Complete the online application
    Click on "Continue" below, after reading the following instructions, to access the online application form.
    1. Provide the date of incorporation / registration for your organization in your nation.
    2. Provide the website address of a current working website for your organization

To help facilitate the processing of your application in a timely manner, please ensure that the information requested in Numbers 2.1 and 2.2 above are provided in the membership application.

Once the completed application and membership dues are received, there will be an approval process. If you are not admitted as a WANGO member, your application fee (membership dues) is non-refundable.

Please direct inquiries, or submit supporting documents, to the Membership Director at, or postal mail to: Membership Director, WANGO, 220 White Plains Road, Fifth Floor, Tarrytown, NY 10591, USA.

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