Membership Privileges, Benefits, and Services

Among the privileges, benefits, and services of being an Individual (Associate) member are the following:

A   International conventions and Association meetings

WANGO is unique in regularly bringing together a prestigious, international leadership of non-governmental organizations, as well as other prominent leaders, representing diverse nations, perspectives, and realms of activity, and who are integrally involved in advancing world peace and creating a better society and world. All membership levels are invited to participate in the meetings and international conventions of the Association, and receive substantially reduced registration rates.

B   Publications

WANGO conference proceedings, monographs, position papers, reports, newsletters, and journals offer a great service to the WANGO membership and to the world community and are made available to the membership at reduced or no cost. All members receive the NGO News, WANGO's monthly e-newsletter, and can receive at reduced cost conference proceedings and special monographs and reports.

C   Networking

WANGO provides a unique forum for networking among key leaders of diverse, influential, and international non-governmental organizations, as well leaders of affiliated governmental and intergovernmental organizations, universities and businesses. WANGO's neural network, conferences, and the Sharing Resources section and Community Forum facilitate networking.

D   Voting, holding office and guiding the work of WANGO

Members can provide a vital role in guiding the work of WANGO through voting and through holding office in the Association. WANGO Fellows have the right to vote for officers of the organization and to hold office, and all members have the right to propose Declarations to guide the work of the International Council, to recommend individuals to hold office in the Nominating Committee, and to advance the goals of the organization.

E   Tools

WANGO provides training workshops, held with international trainers, on such topics as new technologies, strategic planning, media relations, board development, and other practical issues. Practical information is also disseminated regularly to members on diverse subjects, such as getting grants and asking for money, strategic management, networking, developments in the NGO world, and United Nations activities. The Members-only Section of the WANGO website is an interactive component, accessed via a username and password, and offers several useful features for members. Sharing Resources allows members to post information and requests to the worldwide NGO community, and Multiplying Resources offers information of practical relevance. In addition, the NGO Handbook, a wiki-based work that contains a selection of articles on NGO management and the NGO sector in various nations around the world, is accessed free.

F   Strong advisory role

WANGO plays a key role in advising governments, intergovernmental organizations such as the United Nations, and regional bodies. The proceedings of WANGO conferences and symposia are distributed to world leaders and the heads of international and intergovernmental organizations, and WANGO plays a direct role in providing counsel and partnering with such leadership.

G   Unified and strong voice

WANGO helps to offer a strong, unified voice in advancing conflict resolution and moral solutions to pressing global, national, and social problems.

H   Helping members accomplish their tasks

WANGO assists members by providing information and support that aids them in accomplishing their own goals relative to creating a better society and world: economically, socially, environmentally, politically, and morally.

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