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R2R, a WANGO NGO member, recently hosted two unique events designed to advance India-Pakistan harmony. R2R endeavors to bring together people, cultures, and values across SAARC countries, and in particular India & Pakistan(Read more...)

The number of child soldiers worldwide is estimated at 250,000. Three former child soldiers from Africa announced the launch of a new advocacy group to help other kids escape and heal from war. These three individuals had been taken into captivity or pressed into service as youths, one at the age of only 5, and one among 139 girls taken from her school.(Read more...)

A steep drop in funding, and cuts of budgets, staff, and programs, has already been noticed among US nonprofits. Suggestions to weather the storm include better collaboration among nonprofits for particular aspects of their operation.(Read more...)

A new global assessment offers predictions for what the world will look like by 2025 in terms of economic and political national powers and the increasing international clout of non-state actors. (Read more...)

How do you effectively market your ideas to the media? This article, drawn from the NGO Handbook, details how to plan strategically to build personal relationships with the "information gatekeepers" in order to get your message out.(Read more...)

Turnarounds of troubled NGOs are not miracles, but result from good planning and determined implementation. Michael Kaiser, in his new book, The Art of the Turnaround, offers 10 basic rules that nonprofits should follow in every turnaround. (Read more...)

There is a lot of hype regarding "grant writing certification." Dr. Vanessa O'Neal explores grant writing certification and workshops and seminars advertising "certification classes."(Read more...)

The five main tasks of an NGO Board of Directors is outlined in this WANGO article, with the focus on how each individual member can effectively contribute to those tasks.(Read more...)

The budget is the most important component of the grant proposal. In this article, Dr. Vanessa O'Neal deals with the ethics of inflating budget proposals. Dr. O'Neal is Founder of the National Society of Grant Writing Professionals, and author of Grant Me The Money.(Read more...)

Archbishop Desmond Tutu, a Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, will present the Frederick Douglas Award to WANGO Awardee James Kofi Annan on September 15, 2008 on behalf of Free the Slaves. (Read more...)

Play Football Make Peace (PFMP), a project of WANGO, has been active in Estonia since 2004. See the following report on PFMP in Estonia, the 2008 Parnu Cup, and the effort of PFMP to introduce principles and values to help football culture advance the building of a better society.(Read more...)

The most recent submission for the NGO Handbook,, is on the often-requested topic of "how to start an NGO." The following presents ten steps, in general chronological order, that are useful in the formation of an NGO.(Read more...)

The critical differences between non-profits and for-profits is examined in this Stanford Social Innovation Review article and how this information can help create a more effective NGO sector.(Read more...)

June 16 is a date to remember the brutal murder of two South African youths during the apartheid regime, and the lessons learned from two Guinean teenage stowaways, who froze to death on a flight to Brussels, leaving a moving letter saying "we want to study.” (Read more...)

"The biggest mistake grant writers make when it comes to the evaluation is underestimating how much power this section has and how important it is." Dr. Vanessa O'Neal, head of a WANGO member organization, Founder of the National Society of Grant Writing Professionals, and author of Grant Me The Money, provides an overview on program evaluation.(Read more...)

The executive director holds many responsibilities that are essential for maintaining the sustainability of his or her NGO. The following WANGO paper presents five core responsibilities or guidelines.(Read more...)

A grassroots campaign to plant trees around the globe raised its target from 1 billion trees to 7 billion trees, after already reaching two billion trees planted. Among the patrons of this campaign is the 2004 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Prof. Wangari Maathai, whose Green Belt Movement received the 2003 WANGO Award for the Environment.   (Read more...)

Email charity appeals bringing in more money while readership declining. The 2008 eNonprofit Benchmarks Study reveals information on response rates to email appeals in the United States, including click-through rates, rate at which email list goes bad, effective methods, and so forth.(Read more...)

Recently, the WANGO Secretariat has been notified by NGO leaders about an Email being sent to them in the name of WANGO that is fraudulent. Note: WANGO is not contacting any award winners by Email.(Read more...)

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