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The Corporate Leadership Council, a membership of senior executives with a commitment to steward enterprise-wide human resources management, has put together a publication on "Six Mistakes That Drive Away Your Rising Stars."(Read more...)

Several consecutive seasons with little rain has created a severe crisis in this Horn of Africa nation, with millions of Somalis suffering and thousands of animals dead. With the possibility of a looming catastrophe, the situation is dire, with food prices soaring up to 80% in some regions and a 30% increase in the malnutrition rate among children in one southern region – on top of the two decades of conflict.(Read more...)

For the seventh consecutive month, the monthly food price index rose, according to FAO. Last month, it rose 3.4%, putting the price of food at its highest since the world body began monitoring prices in 1990.(Read more...)

An NGO called Vote World Parliament has devised a new portable ballot, in 53 languages, that makes its possible to hold a global referendum. The goal is to collect a mandate to establish a democratic world parliament. VWP's minimum goal is two billion votes -- one half of the adult population of Earth -- to establish this global legislative body.(Read more...)

An indepth description of preparing the budget section for a successful grant proposal can be found in the latest edition of WANGO's Beyond Boundaries newsletter. An edited version of this article, derived from a presentation by Dr. Michael Gershowitz, is also the latest entry in the NGO Handbook ( (Read more...)

It is the view that older people are “assets not liabilities,” that the Distinguished Senior Citizens of the World Congress was held December 4 and 5, 2010 in Istanbul, Turkey by the Turyak Seniors Council. This event brought together leading senior citizens to offer solutions for diverse challenges confronting the world. WANGO was delighted to partner with Turyak on this event, along with the International Federation on Ageing (IFA). The Congress culminated in a remarkable declaration: "Wholesome Solutions to the World Crisis.”(Read more...)

What advice can you give on securing government grants? How does one find good fundraising consultants? How does one determine the dollar amount to list on the budget of grant proposals for staff and administration salaries? These are some of the many questions being addressed by grantseeking expert Prof. Gershowitz for a new tool on the WANGO website.(Read more...)

According to a new UN report, World Economic Situation and Prospects 2011, the world's economic recovery is slowing and there are fears of a double dip recession. This gloomy picture of the global economy predicts slow growth in the US, Europe, and Japan, with risks for a new recession, with even a slowing in China, India, and Brazil.(Read more...)

The Nonprofit Technology Network's signature conference will take place from March 17-19, 2011 in Washington, D.C. Nonprofit professionals from throughout the world gather to learn how to utilize the new technologies available today to maximize their effectiveness.(Read more...)

As President of the UN Security Council in 2000, Amb. Anwarul Chowdhury was instrumental in bringing about resolution 1325, which formally recognized the contribution of women to peacemaking, peacekeeping, and peacebuilding. In this article, Amb. Chowdhury traces this unprecedented statement, subsequent developments and the unsatisfactory implementation in the past 10 years, and his launching of a new proposal to realize the promise of 1325.(Read more...)

The New York City Department of Homeless Services is looking for volunteers to canvass parks, subways, and other public spaces to determine the number of people living unsheltered in the city. Labeled Hope 2011, this project hopes to find 3,000 volunteers in the area to make this estimate, which will be conducted on the night of January 31, 2011.(Read more...)

Buried inside a US law passed in July is a provision designed to address the Congo crisis. The law requires US companies that use tin, tantalum, tungsten and gold originating in the Congo to declare whether their products are "DRC Conflict Free" or are benefiting directly or indirectly the armed groups in the region.(Read more...)

How do you measure whether or not your NGO's use of social media is making a difference? Simply noting the "number of friends" does not tell whether the social media is advancing the mission, raising money, or generating membership. This podcast helps one access the effectiveness of social media.(Read more...)

Figures released by the US Internal Revenue Service show that 1,238,201 organizations were classified as 501(c)(3) charitable organizations and foundations in 2009, while 1,772,485 organizations were classified into all of section 501 of the tax code. The number of charities registered with the IRS for tax-exempt status under section 501(c)(3) has nearly doubled since 1996.(Read more...)

The recent proposal by US President Barack Obama that India be added to a permanent seat at the Security Council was one of a series of proposals made over the past 18 years, including Russia's endorsement of Brazil and an earlier US endorsement of Japan. However, the potential for reaching a consensus on overhauling this body remains formidable.(Read more...)

WANGO is joining the International Federation for Ageing in supporting a major conference being held by Turyak, an umbrella group for elders. This 2nd International Distinguished Senior Citizens Conference will take place December 3-6, 2010 in Istanbul. The conference will provide a platform for leading senior citizens to offer solutions for diverse challenges (economic, ecological, etc.) confronting the world.(Read more...)

Billionaire investor Warren Buffett and Microsoft Corp. co-founder Bill Gates met with China's super rich recently to discuss the art of giving back to society, sparking some soul searching among the nation's newly minted millionaires and billionaires. China has 875,000 U.S. dollar millionaires and may now have the most billionaires in the world.(Read more...)

Author Grant Stillman has published a concise book on the main issues and principles that affect most internationally operating NGOs, including NGO conduct, and also addressing the improvement of governance in local and development-focused NGOs. The Asian Development Bank Institute has made this book available to be downloaded for free, here.(Read more...)

An agreement has been signed between the Government of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and the World Association of Non-Governmental Organizations (WANGO) providing WANGO greater flexibility in promoting a strong voice among NGOs in Nigeria and the promoting of "ethical standards, good governance, accountability and ethical behavior using" WANGO's "Code of Ethics and Conduct for NGOs." (Read more...)

Allison Fine and Beth Kanter, authors of The Networked Nonprofit, maintain that only networks – ecosystems of individuals and organizations – can solve today's complex social problems. But many nonprofits are smashing headfirst into nonprofit fortresses.(Read more...)

Participants from Belgium, France, the United Arab Emirates, and the United States joined attendees from many African nations for the 2010 WANGO Africa Regional Conference. Dubbed Kenya 2010, this event served as a leading meeting for representatives of local, regional, and international NGO – as well as government, business and support agencies – in the region and beyond.(Read more...)

In the aftermath of drought and years of chaos, and in the present throngs of violence between government forces and militant groups, Somalia is facing a major humanitarian crisis. Severe child malnutrition, loss of livelihoods and livestock, and ongoing displacement have resulted in more than 40% of the population relying on international aid.(Read more...)

The 2010 World Congress of NGOs, conducted by WANGO, brought together presenters and participants from around the globe. H.E. Dr. Ibrahim Gambari (Joint Special Represenative, UNAMID), H.E. Dr. Abdel Aziz Hegazy (Former Prime Minister, Egypt), Bill Drayton (Founder, Ashoka), Holly Ross (Executive Director, NTEN), and many other prominent authorities joined in this interactive, online platform. (Read more...)

Joining the International Herald Tribune and The New York Forum as partners, WANGO supported the remarkable effort of the Cécelia Attias Foundation for Women to convene an unprecedented and dynamic gathering of leaders and NGOs that champion the cause of women's dignity, equality, and well-being.(Read more...)

On May 17, 2010, at an event held at the UN Headquarters in New York for the International Day of Families, the World Association of Non-Governmental Organizations (WANGO) unveiled a Code of Ethics of the Family. This code of ethics and standards of good conduct of the family systematically identifies some of the key universal standards and ethical practices recognized by harmonious families and is designed to be broadly applicable to families worldwide. (Read more...)

More than 300,000 US nonprofits are at risk of losing their tax-exempt status because of not filing Form 990-N ("e-postcard") for the past 3 years. Because of a law passed by Congress in 2006, those organizations with revenues of less than $25,000 (other than churches), who previously never had to file a tax return, now must file a new online return. Failure to file for the past three years will cause loss of tax-exempt status.(Read more...)

The second biennial WANGO Africa Conference will take place in Nairobi, Kenya from July 1-4, 2010. Registration is now open. Attendees, who will be coming from throughout Africa, as well as other regions of the world, will gather on the theme of "Non-State Actors and Ethical Reorientation." (Read more...)

In April of 2010, NGO Network, which is distributed throughout Africa, and even into parts of Europe and North America, will celebrate its 10th year of operation. (Read more...)

According to Kids for Kids charity founder Patricia Parker, many Darfur children are on the brink of starvation because of drought and neglect. With the world grown weary of Darfur, the children, many of whom have known nothing but war, remain uncared for and in a precarious situation. (Read more...)

The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development deals with trade, development, and investment issues, and aids developing countries in the world economy. This article briefly summarizes the relationship between UNCTAD and NGOs, as part of a more comprehensive paper on the relationship between NGOs and Intergovernmental Organizations, published in Beyond Boundaries and in the NGO Handbook.(Read more...)

Conferences conducted over the Internet have become increasingly popular versus face-to-face meetings. This WANGO article provides an overview of web conferencing, including Webcasts, Webinars, and Web meetings. The article is expanded in WANGO's NGO Handbook.(Read more...)

There are numerous nonprofits that have mobilized quickly to help Haitian victims in the aftermath of the devastating earthquake on January 12. The following are some WANGO-affiliated nonprofits in which we feel confident donations for emergency relief will be used wisely.(Read more...)

Those wishing to help the victims of the devastating earthquake in Haiti are being urged to beware of scammers.(Read more...)

In response to cyberattacks originating from within China, aimed at Google e-mail accounts of human rights activists, google has decided to stop censoring search results on Such censoring, which had been done since 2006, had been a concession to the Chinese government in order to operate in China. This could potentiall mean shutting down and closing Google offices in the country.(Read more...)

A sophisticated network attack on Google originating in Chnia may lead to Google pulling out of that nation. Google says evidence suggests the primary goal was accessing the Gmail accounts of Chinese civil rights activists. Attacks on China rights activists have been growing, and China has been the suspected aggressor behind a series of attacks on U.S. and other countries' computer systems dating from the late 1990s. (Read more...)

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