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We are pleased to inform you that we have just added a new job-search feature to the WANGO website. In partnership with, WANGO now displays the latest in NGO job vacancies and volunteer positions from around the globe. (Read more...)

New Zealand called on the five permanent states of the UN Security Council that have veto rights -- China, France, Russia, UK, and USA -- to limit the use of their veto to cases when their vital national interests at stake. New Zealand's Foreign Minister, Murray McCully, noted that the abolition of this right will not happen, but the P5 could give up this right for issues involving mass atrocities, such as in Syria, and limit the veto power to the conditions of vital national interests that were part of the original argument made at the UN creation in 1945.(Read more...)

Bill Ryan, a co-author of Governance as Leadership: Reframing the World of Nonprofit Boards, tackles the "myth" that good board members "give, get, or get off." Such a view, he asserts, chokes off good governance and the reality is that good board members govern.(Read more...)

Among disadvantaged people and communities in many places around the world, there clearly are real needs for personal water carrying devices, some temporary such as emergency or disaster relief or response, some continuing or ongoing.(Read more...)

On September 14, 2012, this day-long, first-ever General Assembly High Level Forum will provide an open public opportunity for UN member states, UN system entitites, civil society including NGOs, media, private sector and all others interested in discussing the ways and means to promote the Culture of Peace. And Secretary General and President of the General Assembly will speak at the opening ceremony.(Read more...)

Now in its third month, has over 1000 jobseekers registered on the site and over 50 jobs have been posted, including positions from the UN, IUCN, WWF, and more. The free launch promotion for NGOs is valid through August, so be sure to give the 'hubbing' technology a try!(Read more...)

The website "" is a fake organization. It has incorporated the WANGO name and some of WANGO's literature and combined it with a false statement of a grant-making affiliation with the British government as part of an apparent scam.(Read more...)

ProPac has provided a focused and disciplined approach to fulfilling the needs of NGOs and governments for over two decades. From field logistics, to Navy search and rescue, to mountain rescue, ProPac has “in the field” experience, from Azerbaijan to Zimbabwe.(Read more...)

The nonprofit International Museum of Twenty-first Century Arts (TIMOTCA) is spearheading a number of projects related to fostering peace and cultural understanding through the arts. Its 2012 Art Beyond Borders Exhibition will again be presented at the United Nations headquarters; it is working to create a center for every country to share its creative spirit; and the following press release relates to the proclamation of Citizen of the World Day on Sept. 23.(Read more...)

From prime ministers, ambassadors & parliamentarians, to private sector jobs (doctors, engineers and pilots) to expanded health care and education, the women in Bangladesh have seen major improvements in their lives, in the midst of an extremely tough backdrop.(Read more...)

Just launched: is a jobs website dedicated to the global NGO sector. The site uses a unique ‘hubbing approach’ to give global yet focused distribution for NGO job listings. WANGO members are offered free job listings through July 2012.(Read more...)

Journalists from around the world will converge on June 8, 2012 at the Rutgers University campus in Newark, New Jersey for a one-day conference to improve reporting in and from countries that are hostile to an open press. (Read more...)

Registration is now open for the World Congress of NGOs! Join NGO representatives from around the world, as well as prominent international and national leaders from the governmental, intergovernmental and for-profit sectors, in Nairobi, Kenya from July 5-8, 2012. WANGO’s flagship event, this 4-day event will be convened on the theme of "The Role of NGOs in Times of Global Crises." A unique networking opportunity, the Congress will offer a variety of formats: plenary sessions, special symposium, practical workshops, panel sessions, and the 2012 NGO Awards Banquet.(Read more...)

Ghana has been a remarkable success story, having met the MDGs on poverty and hunger, exhibiting a stable democracy, and having a growth rate among the top-performing economies in the world. But NGOs and international financing institutions such as The Global Fund, One, Millennium Promise, and the Earth Institute are addressing failings in the northern territories(Read more...)

The global financial crisis has resulted in lowered contributions in global aid directed to organizations providing health services for the world’s poorest countries, putting lives at serious risk. On the other hand, some aid organizations that are seen as providing particularly good value for money invested have actually received increased funding.(Read more...)

Held in Busan, South Korea, there were over 500 representatives of civil society organizations, government, and the private sector at the Busan Global Civil Society Forum (BCSF) in South Korea. Representing WANGO at the event was Mr. Mohammed Attah, African Regional Coordinator, who filed this report. (Read more...)

Over 3,000 delegates gathered in Busan, South Korea for the Fourth High Level Forum (HLF-4) on Aid Effectiveness. This event followed meetings in Rome, Paris, and Accra. The following is a statement released by the Nigerian delegation to the event, including WANGO’s African Regional Coordinator.(Read more...)

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