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Volunteer Opportunity

The Gender Equality Used Clothing and Small Household Items Shop (GE Shop) needs volunteers who will help ship desperately need used clothing and small household items from America to the Paajaf Foundation for the shop.

There are no deadlines, and the GE Shop will be ongoing. We need sponsors as soon as possible in order to get the shop operational and to sustain the Gender Equality Program. Online collaboration will be organized through Barbara Fedock, Hawking Foundation and Personal Learning Center International Liaison to the United Nations. The email address is 828 768-6648 Asheville, North Carolina USA Please contact Barbara for arrangements and shipments to be made.

The Paajaf Foundation Gender Equality Program will sponsor the shop. 100 females enrolled in online gender equality leadership classes will run, operate, manage, and work in the shop. The females will be taught management skills in advanced leadership classes that are focused on sustainability and gender equality. The funds from the shop will be used to exclusively fund scholarships for other females will want to advance their educations or become gender equality leaders.

Paajaf Foundation's goal is to help females understand the history, the challenges, and the implications for all females of gender equality issues. Through research, historical studies, disaggregation of data, and in engagement in community service projects,such as the GE Shop, Paajaf Foundation aims to promote gender equality in the areas of economics, politics, healthcare, education, technology, social and civil justice, and the news media.


The required skills volunteers need to know are how to pack items, how to ship item to Ghana, the cost of shipping items to Ghana, the timetables for shipping, from where items will be shipped, and what can be shipped to Ghana from the United States.


Submitted by: Barbara Fedock
Date: 9/8/2009 6:04:54 AM
Tel: 828 768-6648
Web site:

Nonprofit Management Webinar Series

The Nonprofit Management Webinar Workshop series AND the Self-Publishing Webinar series are now available.

Topics include:

Grant Writing 101
How To Develop a 501 {C} 3
Fundraising Techniques
Self-Publishing 101

International organizations can participate as the initial webinar will be recorded and accessible at a later date and time that is more convenient.

For more information:


Submitted by: Vanessa S. O'Neal
Date: 8/23/2009 8:11:22 PM
Web site:

Meet the Minimum Needs of All 2030 (MMNA30) -Intention Webinar:

Our top priority must be to realize non-violently Article 3 (economic rights) of the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights,

Those of the First World population (1200 million) have realized Article 3 for themselves and reciprocity toward the 2600 million who live on less than $2 /head/day, is a productive, healthy guideline for everyone,

Let's jointly help formulate the INTENTION to "Meet the Minimum Needs of All" (2030)...

If appropriate, join the global MMNA30-INTENTION-WEBINAR:

For details, please visit:




Submitted by: Radh Achuthan
Date: 8/18/2009 6:32:23 AM
Tel: 631-834-4781
Fax: 718-488-1465

UnLtdWorld,UK nominates Goodwill social work centre for BRIC Award-Requesting WANGO members to vote


Greetings from Goodwill social work centre,India. As the founding Executive Director of Goodwill social work centre,India and a member of UnLtdWorld community,I am pleased to be in contact with you to inform you that the UnLtdWorld team(www. ) ,UK has nominated Goodwill social work centre,India for an UnLtdWorld BRIC Award in the category of The Global Impact Award. My organisation has been nominated alongside four other UnLtdWorld members in the above category.

I would very much appreciate if you could please take a look at my profile on UnLtdWorld website.You can learn more about our organisation on our website at and also my web albums at:, to view photographs of our various social projects being undertaken for children,youth,women and NGOs.

I would be very grateful if you could please consider my request to cast your vote for Goodwill social work centre.Voting closes on 24th April at 5pm, with the winners being announced at UnLtdWorld's First Birthday Party on 5th May 2009 in London. You may follow this link to cast your vote at : Your vote is so valuable to me to win the award for my organisation.Please extend your helping hand.Thank you very much.

Looking forward to your valuable support and cooperation and with warmest regards

Dr.J.Christopher Daniel,M.A.,Ph.D
Executive Director
Goodwill social work centre


Submitted by: Dr.J.Christopher Daniel,M.A.,Ph.D
Date: 3/26/2009 9:39:43 PM
Tel: +91 452 2531175
Fax: --
Web site:

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